How It Works

How Easy2lend Works ?

Easy2lend is an innovative peer-to-peer (P2P) lending marketplace for loans. Here Borrowers and Lenders interact amongst themselves to decide a mutually agreeable rate for their transactions.

Our mission is to provide a marketplace that uses technology to speed up the process and bring secure alternative to current banking/financial system. Thus, we provide an opportunity to the borrowers to get their requirements funded at viable rates and help lenders get the best possible return on their investment.

Currently, our services can be availed only by Indian Residents over 21 years of age. Once an interested individual seeks to register, we undertake a detailed verification process following KYC norms as laid down by various regulators. Thus, all personal and financial information pertaining to Borrowers and Lenders visible on Easy2lend will be verified.

The Process On Easy2lend:

Visitors, as per their requirement, can register as lenders or borrowers. Easy2lend undertakes a comprehensive verification process on the basis of personal, financial and professional information provided of all its registered Borrowers and Lenders.

Lenders can make offers to fund borrowers requirement at similar or lower interest rates than assigned, which the borrower can accept or refuse. Borrowers too can approach willing lenders with their loan proposals.

Offers consist of amount to be lent and the applicable interest rate. Both borrowers and lenders can strike deals with multiple members. Thus, lenders can fund a portion of the total loan requirement of multiple borrowers and borrowers can seek to raise money from multiple lenders. Any lender cannot lend over 35% of the registered borrower's loan requirement. This ensures de-risking of the lender/investors portfolio.

Once an agreement is reached between the borrower and the lender, a formal contract is signed by them. The lender then transfers the amount to the borrowers account and the borrower makes periodic repayments via EMI over the stipulated time period. Repayment can be done through any legal instrument allowed by regulators such as cheques/NEFT/RTGS/IMPS etc and tracked via the portal.

We at Easy2lend do not intervene in any bilateral negotiations, nor do we take any payment as part of the interest rates or EMIs involved. We only charge an upfront fee and once a deal is finalized, a one-time loan processing fee is payable by the borrowers. Easy2lend provides a fair, transparent, technology-driven platform for the whole process to happen smoothly and quickly.